Making The Most Out of Your Kitchen Setup

Being a bachelor doesn’t mean you don’t need a kitchen that is both functional and stunning! Here are some ideas on how to design the kitchen for your bachelor pad.

First of all, it is tempting for bachelors to consume all of their meals on a couch. However, you should break this habit by getting a kitchen table to eat at. Plus, a kitchen table is essential for company, especially dates.

If you have an island or counter, you should strongly consider seating at the counter. It creates a convenient place to eat breakfast while also creating a place for guests and dates to sit and talk while you prepare dinner.

Speaking of company, a home bar is an essential for entertaining and will help give your kitchen that masculine feel you desire! Just make sure you keep it clean, stocked, and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

It is also important to keep your counter tidy. This doesn’t mean empty, but it should be clutter free. You should consider keeping seldom used small appliances stowed in a cupboard and leaving out only the frequently used items. Don’t eat toast often? Put the toaster away. Drink coffee daily? Leave it out, but make sure it is clean and as out of the way as possible (such as in a corner as oppose to the middle of the counter).

Speaking of counters, consider a marble counter top as they are always in style and give your space a luxurious feel. And speaking of luxury, what bachelor pad doesn’t look great with a wine rack? It is the perfect mix of function and style that will impress friends, family, and dates alike.

….Yea I can’t afford that either

It is vital to make sure your kitchen is well lit, but also be sure that the lighting you choose fits in with your chosen style and adds ambiance. Try some creative lighting ideas to add style. If possible, also make sure that your kitchen receives plenty of natural lighting.

If you don’t have a large kitchen area don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to design a sleek yet stylish and functional kitchen! Best thing about it is these type of improvements make a big difference and dont cost that much. If you wanted to upgrade your sink or water softener you would need to hire a plumbing service. Because I dont where you’re located I recommend googling plumbers near me and finding the one that’s highly reviewed. That’s how I found Elite Plumbing Services INC.

Bottom line, being a bachelor doesn’t mean your kitchen has to be a dreary place, consider classing it up! While you’re at it spiff up the entire place. Check out the below video from Tripp Advice.