Chronicles of the Unknown Dreamer 2013


“And you son, you will have a very unusual ministry.  You will write down the dreams and visions that God gives you, and you will put them into print.  You will prophesy to the nations and tear down and uproot that which is built upon carnal foundations and structures,” says the Lord.”

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In 1999, a twelve year-old boy was given a prophetic word through a prophet from Arkansas that would forever mark his life.  This word would continue to develop and cultivate in him as he journeyed into adulthood.  The dreamer had been called forth, and Jeremiah Johnson’s life had forever changed.

Contained in this book are the heart and words of the Father given to Jeremiah from November 2010 to November 2013.  He has received and journaled numerous dreams including:

-President Obama and the future of America

-The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

-Hillary Clinton

-Abortion in America

-The War in the Middle East

-A Visitation from Jesus Christ

-The Muslim Brotherhood


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