Can America Live Again?



I woke up this morning, November 5, 2014, with Ezekiel 37:3 in my spirit. It says, “And He said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, “O Lord God, You know!”

Instantly a flood of hope and expectation filled my heart as I laid in my bed and I said to the Lord, “Yes Father, America can live again, but they must heed the word of the Lord!”


The Holy Spirit immediately reminded me of a dream I had on November 6, 2012, the night after President Obama was elected for his second term. I published this dream in “Chronicles of the Unknown Dreamer 2013”. Here it is below:

There was a large group that had gathered where I was speaking. I took the podium and told them of an incredible dream that I had where The Lord had spoken to me about the Election and the Destiny of America. This is what I prophesied to the crowd gathered.

            “The destiny of America is not found in our ability to vote today but in our ability to put our faith in the God that will move mountains. Do not be surprised in 2013 at the complaining and murmuring that will arise in America regarding the President of the United States. The labor pains are going to greatly increase all over the earth. There will be wars and many rumors of war. Natural disasters and exceedingly great complications will take place on American soil and in the Middle East. BUT behold, Jehovah will make Himself known as never before.

Yes, the voice of the American people in the years to come will turn from complaining, murmuring, outrage, and fear to one of rejoicing over the Goodness of God being displayed in their midst.

 The word ‘scandal’ is going to become a household name. As millions watch the voter count, even tonight, scandals and controversy will bring chaos and confusion. Many acts of betrayal and fraud will rise amongst agencies and governments. Dictators will be overthrown. Public policy will be under the microscope like never before. This will be a sign to you that Truth must win the day in the home and in government.

 The state of America shall be likened unto the state of Israel in the book of Exodus.

I see China as Egypt says The Lord. They will attempt to chase down America in the years to come through trade and the free market. At first their attitude will be peace and tranquility, but then a tightening, a hardening heart will bring much trouble economically to America. There is one besides China that will rise and greatly assist America in times of economic trouble. Do not be afraid. I am even now channeling resources in different countries to assist the American economy in the years to come. Do not be so foolish as to rely on China for everything. Are they God? Do I have an equal? Trust in me says your God.”

Then I awoke.


Six days later on November 15,2012, I had another dream that was again published in “Chronicles of the Unknown Dreamer 2013”. This was the dream:

“I went to sleep on Thursday, November 15th and had a very powerful dream. Heaven’s perspective of the election was not only given to me, but also a very clear picture of the next 4 years in the United States and prophetic words for several foreign nations.

In the dream, I found myself walking all over the United States. In every city I visited, I constantly heard the sound of a woman in labor. Cities all over the United States were underneath hospitals that had been built over them. All that I could hear were these women’s labor cries. They were groaning with tremendous pain and longing to see their child. I had a sense that this was their “firstborn,” and that they had never conceived. The anticipation and expectancy could be felt in every city in the United States.

The labor pains grew to an intensity that was indescribable. All over the United States the sound of women in labor was the only thing that rang through the nation. Then the voice of the Father sounded over a heavenly speaker from the hospitals built over the cities of America. The speakers boomed four times, “Braxton Hicks, Braxton Hicks, Braxton Hicks, Braxton Hicks.”

As the nation heard this name four times, there was a tremendous release that came. The labor pains ceased. There was silence in every city in America. Then the Father spoke again. This is what He said:

“The 2012 Election in the United States was false labor. Though the labor pains increased in every city, I have mercifully granted four more years to the American Church to change their position on 5 key areas that are upon my heart in this hour. The next 4 years in the United States will be known as the years of ‘Complications.’ Because I have kept what must be birthed in the United States in the womb for another 4 years, great complications will mark the pregnancy. What will guarantee the safety of what must be birthed in four years is the American Church changing its position on 5 strategic areas that are upon my heart.”

As the Father’s declaration was heard in every city in America, those that despised Him cheered and mocked His words, but the American church shook under the weight of His words. Thousands of intercessors went into great travail, but then I saw a very strange sight. A woman on a chariot began to gather demonic forces. She too had heard the Father’s decree. She understood that it would be the intercessors that would shift the American church in their position on the 5 key areas that the Father said must be dealt with.

I recognized the woman as the fear of the Lord came upon me. Her name is Jezebel. She had visited my city Lakeland, FL in the past and has now planned to visit every city in the United States. Her plans and strategy would be the same. She wants to wipe out the intercessory movement in America. She plans to do it through pastors and leaders”


As the GOP took control of the Senate and remained in control of the House, many in America are breathing a sigh of relief with hopes that change is coming to America. While I do believe this is possible and that America can live again, WE MUST GIVE OURSELVES TO THE 5 KEY AREAS that are upon God’s heart heading into the 2016 election.

I repeat, if the body of Christ in America DOES NOT give themselves to the 5 KEY AREAS that are upon God’s heart, the 2016 election will be a sign of the Judgment of God that will come upon America. The good news is that we have 2 years from today to pray, fast, and give ourselves to the issues that are upon God’s heart.

THE FIVE KEY AREAS (Published in “Chronicles of the Unknown Dreamer 2013”) Buy it here:


The Father spoke to me and said, “ Jeremiah, the primary area that is upon my heart in this hour is the issue of abortion. I have given you a dream that must reach the four corners of the United States. The church must unify on this issue. I am giving them four years to do it. If they will, a great birthing will take place in 2016.” He then took me to the same factory that I had been to before regarding abortion. He showed me the same dream again. Here is the dream.

Let My Babies Go Dream

I began to walk down the same dirt road that I had traveled on two nights ago. As I walked, the Spirit of God said to me, “Just as I have showed you the thrones that men and women sit upon in their homes and in my churches and think that they worship me, so I will show you the cries that come before MY throne day and night.”

I walked up to a huge factory where a line of men and women filled the street. The factory was dark and the hair on my body was standing straight up. Most of the women that were in line trying to get into the factory were very pregnant, while others of them were carrying small children. As I made my way to the front of the line, I heard screams coming from inside, blood curling screams. There was an inscription in the top of the door that read, “House of Horror.”

As I walked inside, I realized that this factory was an enormous abortion clinic, and I began to weep. There were hundreds of cribs in this factory. The factory floor was about as big as a football field. As I began to look inside the cribs, I saw very small babies with snakes wrapped around them. It was horrifying. I moved from crib to crib, watching these snakes choke and kill these babies. I noticed that the women that were dropping these babies off were dejected, defeated, and overwhelmed. I stared into their eyes and pleaded with them, but their minds and hearts were already made up.

All of a sudden, the House of Horror began to shake. It felt like a tremendous earthquake was unearthing the foundation of the factory. Then came a booming, loud, and fatherly voice that said, “LET MY BABIES GO!!!!”

At the sound of the Father’s voice, I cried out violently and said, “Father what is this, what is this House of horror? Who are these snakes?” He said to me, “This house of horror and houses like this in the earth are what have my full attention in this hour. The snakes are the spirits of suicide and death. They are methodically killing off the next generations. The dejected, defeated, and overwhelming look that you see on those women’s faces are what happens when they come into agreement with the lies of the deceiver.”

I left the factory weeping. I was inconsolable. I began saying to the Father, “But I just want to see your house, Pappa! I want to see what is inside your factory!” And he said to me, “So have you asked, so shall I show you.” 

I turned down a dirt road, and there before me was a glowing factory. It was made of gold and pearls. There were angelic hosts that were guarding it day and night. There was also a line of people out in front of this factory, just like the house of horror, except none of the women and men had children, and these women were pregnant. I thought that this was peculiar.

As I approached the entrance to this glowing factory, the Father’s factory, before me was a beautiful and radiant inscription that read, “House of Hope.”

As I walked into this factory, I heard laughing, hysterical laughter. I began to look around inside the Hope factory and realized that the sound was coming from the cribs. I said to the Father, “These babies are too young to laugh like this.” He said to me, “Jeremiah, this is the laugh of the redeemed that no man can contain or deny.”

I began to take notice of the babies in the cribs very carefully. I wanted to make sure that there were no snakes in these cribs. As I looked down into all the cribs in the Hope factory, I noticed that in each and every one of the cribs, there was an inscription woven into the crib bed where the babies were lying. The inscriptions on the cribs read, Isaiah 66:9, “Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God.

I began to shout aloud in the hope factory, and I rejoiced over these babies with laughter, dance, and singing. I joined with these young ones in the “laugh of the redeemed.”

As I paraded my way around, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said,

“Jeremiah, I want you to tell the people what you have seen and heard. I want you to shout this from the north, to the south, and to the east and the west. Gather my sons and daughters from afar, for I am raising up the spirit of adoption in the earth specifically amongst my bride. Even as I am bringing many sons and daughters to glory, so I am going to sovereignly begin to place the murder of the innocent at the doorsteps of many many hearts in this hour. Houses of horror will begin to rise in the earth. I hear their cries, Jeremiah. I will not turn my ears and eyes away from my precious ones. Watch the White house. My people will gather there to fight for Hope. People from all over the nation will gather to fight for the lives of the innocent ones. Watch and see.

There will be many in the earth that will begin to adopt. I am even now championing this cause in the earth. I am touching sons and daughters and planting inside of them a heart to adopt from my House of Hope. None of the women and men that you saw lined up outside my House of Hope had children or babies, because they were coming to my house to adopt.”

As the Father finished speaking to me, I began to find my way to the entrance of the factory. As I walked outside, I thanked everyone in the line. I said, “The Father wants to personally thank you for coming to His House of Hope, for championing this cause in the earth, for it has come before His throne and He will not watch and wait any longer.” I began to notice women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s standing in the back of the line. I said, “Father? Them too?” He said to me, “Yes Jeremiah, shall these women not also partake in my invitation to adopt in this hour?” I walked away from the Hope factory rejoicing, but also filled with sadness as I once again noticed the factory of horror that I had walked into earlier that night. Then I awoke.


The second area that was on the Father’s heart that the Church must change their position on is sexual immorality. He began to show me massive gatherings of homosexuals all over the United States. They formed what were known as colonies where every elected official in the city was gay. He showed me their plots to gain control of the government through their agenda, so that they could affect every area of society.

The church came out to protest the gathering of homosexuals and their agendas. But then something horrendous happened. God the Father rebuked the church and this is what he said, “Has your laziness and blindness on the issue of sexual immorality within the church not given the homosexual agenda its true power? The issue is not the homosexual agenda. The issue that I have with you is the power that you have given it by failing to preach holiness and purity to masses. I have not called you to persecute homosexuals. I have called you to repent to me for your wickedness and sin. I will take care of them. You must take care of yourself. Your doctrine is inaccurate. Your motives are impure. Before you pluck the speck out of their eyes, you have plenty in your own.”

The church began to weep and wail. The sound was ear piercing. They began to recognize their deception and how immorality had overrun the church and been accepted and not dealt with. As repentance took place, the Father spoke again, “My answer to the homosexual agenda in the earth is a movement of purity. I will gather hundreds of thousands of pure ones that will unite in an effort to confront the issues of their day. It will be internally focused, not externally focused. They will keep their hand to the plow concentrating on immorality within their ranks, and then I will begin to deal with the homosexual agenda on my own terms. There will be new diseases amongst the sexual immoral that will be like a plague. They will reap what they have sown. Science will begin to identify the diseases that will overrun an immoral people in the earth in the years to come.”


The third area that the church must change its position on is our view on love. We must be very careful that “loving people” is not actually tolerating their rebellion. You will recall the Perfect Storm that I saw descending over America. I want to specifically look at the “Street Church” because it is a breeding ground for tolerance and rebellion. Below is what the Holy Spirit showed me about this movement.

“They are blinding the generations to the truth in the name of grace. They call themselves Joel’s army because they believe they will usher in the last day’s grace movement in the earth, but know that they are like the locust seeking to devour and ravage the vineyards of young generations. They distort the truth and preach rebellion and tolerance in the name of grace. They shall question if hell exists. They will believe that many paths lead to me. Their toleration has led to jubilation. They create crazy party atmospheres that attract the drug culture and the homosexual spirit. You must know that things are never as they appear with the street church.”

One of the greatest challenges that will and is facing the church in the West is how to deal with young people that have never understood or been taught biblical grace. Many of these people have been exposed to legalism and because of this are now embracing false grace. There is a movement in the earth that is targeting young adults, that attracts the drug culture and the homosexual spirit all in the name of love and the finished works of Jesus Christ. Below are two points regarding the deception of tolerance and rebellion.

Tolerance is seeking to silence the voice of Truth in America. 72 percent of Americans ages 18-25 reject the notion of absolute truth. America is being governed by Moral Relativism. This belief states that all values are legitimate, and that it is impossible to judge between them. Truth is reduced to a personal preference. (i.e. what’s true works for you.)

The Penn State Scandal is a prophetic word to the Church. This is what will happen when we silence the truth to save face with other people. Moral Relativism is attempting to silence the voice of truth in the church, and we will pay a dear price if we do not begin to speak out.

Abraham Kuyper said, “When principles that run against our greatest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling and PEACE has become your sin. You must at the greatest price, lay your convictions bare before friend and foe, with all the fire of your faith.”

Peace has become the great sin of the Christian Church in America. We have tolerated beliefs and lifestyles that Jesus Christ has never signed off on or endorsed in the name of love.

Tolerance is seeking to distort love. Tolerance says, “You must agree with everything I say and do.” Love says, ” I will tell you the truth because I’m convinced the truth will set you free.”

 To paint Jesus Christ as the God-man who walked the earth and endorsed and accepted all belief systems and lifestyles is a direct assault on the Cross.

 If Jesus tolerated people and their lifestyles, why then did He die on the Cross? Was the Cross not judgment on unrepentant sinners?”

”I am the way, the truth, and the life” does not sound like it endorses and tolerates behavior contrary to scripture. It actually condemns it. 

If Jesus Christ walked the earth today, he would be considered one of the most intolerant people that ever lived.”

There must be a shift in the American church over the next four years in regards to the views of Tolerance and Rebellion. The spirit of truth must be given access to this specific area that is on the Father’s heart in this hour.


The fourth area that the Father showed me in the dream that the American Church must change its position on is Hilary Clinton. I was shown her face in this dream, and then all of a sudden the applause of the nations began to roar. The nations of the earth began to cry out for her to gain much power in the United States. At this point in the dream, my attention was shifted to the terrorist attack on Bengazi. The spirit of God began to show me that her hands had a part in the disaster, and He was allowing light to be shed in the dark places as a prophetic word to the church. The Spirit was saying, “Take careful notice of the secrecy that she operates in. Beware of what goes on behind the scenes with her. The church must resist her. She has plans to control, plans to influence. Beware!”

There has been talk of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. I am not specifically saying that she will run for President, although from what I have seen, it would not surprise me. Regardless, the Father has been clear that the church must be on guard against her influence and plans to control, whatever way that manifests itself. We must also be aware that Bengazi was a prophetic warning of things that are to come, that we must pray for light to be shed in the dark places.


The fifth and final area that the Father showed me the church must change its position on is the nation of Israel. There must be a unification in the American church in support of Israel, including not only prayer, but also taking a stand against the Islamic movement in the Middle East. The following is a dream that I had concerning Egypt and Israel:

On the night of November 21st, 2012, I had a dream where I was in the country of Egypt and in their capital city. I looked up in the sky and saw a gigantic two- headed serpent that stretched as far as my eyes could see.

I was filled with terror and the Spirit of God immediately spoke to me and said,

Though their speech is as smooth as butter, murder is in their hearts.”

I then saw a man who stood from a balcony of a government building, and I knew he was a man of great authority as he cried out, 

“Let the nations rejoice! Let Syria Rejoice! Let Iran Rejoice! Let Libya Rejoice!”

The Spirit of God spoke to me again and said, “Will Egypt not be like Absalom? Will they not wait by Israel’s city gates in an attempt to rally the nations together? Are they not acting like an advocate like Absalom was crying out?” He said, ‘If only I were given more power.’ Is the man you saw not crying out, ‘If only I was given more power?’ Just as Absalom grew weary with his position after 4 years, watch and see as the nation of Egypt grows weary in the coming years with its position to Israel.”

“Israel must not trust the Egyptians. The land of Egypt will become a point of penetration for Muslim nations in the coming years in an attempt to overthrow Jerusalem.” 

“Man the walls of Jerusalem,” says the Lord. “You must pray for Netanyahu.”

“Cindy Jacobs, you must pray for Netanyahu.”

“Chuck Pierce, you must pray for Netanyahu.”

“Mike Bickle, you must pray for Netanyahu.”

“Lou Engle, you must pray for Netanyahu.”

“Carlos Sarmiento, you must pray for Netanyahu.”

“Rick Joyner, you must pray for Netanyahu, for He is my appointed man in this hour. He has my exceedingly great wisdom and understanding into the days that are ahead.”

“My church must pray that the secrecy in Egypt be exposed. The United States must take its rightful place as the defender and protector of Israel. It is their chosen destiny. Man has chosen Egypt, but I have chosen the United States,” says the Lord.

The only war worth fighting for is a war defending Israel,” says the Lord. “All other wars in the Middle East will be costly and in vain. Do not waste American resources in the Middle East. It is a trap. American weaponry will be used against Israel in the coming years. Watch Iraq. Their government is unstable. It will revert back to its old ways and will be a black eye in the face of the United States.”

“Watch Iran. Treachery is brewing. They will turn on Israel. Syria is a nation of a different kind of evil. Watch the two-headed serpent. Watch in the coming years. See if the nations do not rally to her while she claims to have Israel’s best interest in mind. It is a lie!”

As soon as I heard the word “lie” in the dream, I was startled and awakened by the smoke alarms going off in my home. They beeped twice and then not again. I looked at the clock and it was 2 am. There was no fire in the house. The smoke detector was not broken. There was nothing to be alarmed about. I looked down and realized that I was sweating all over my body. I had just had an incredibly intense dream, and I believe I was awakened by a supernatural occurrence.

Part of this dream has already come to pass with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi crying out for more power, but there is more to be fulfilled.


Several days later, the Spirit gave me another dream and revisited the word about Syria where He said, “Syria is a nation of a different kind of evil.”

In this dream, the Holy Spirit began to show me why Syria is a nation of a different kind of evil. He began by showing me mass genocide and chemical weapons. Assad has great plans to exterminate many more people than what he now has.

The Holy Spirit also revealed to me a terrorist network that is going to come forth out of the nation of Syria that will be new in nature. They are the special forces of the terrorist network and will have ties to many countries in the Middle East.

I also saw a young people’s movement coming up out of Syria and even this new terrorist network consisting of many young people. We must keep an eye on these countries and how they might affect the nation of Israel.


After the Father showed me these 5 areas that were on His heart and that He is giving the church 4 years to change positions on, I was shown a very strange scene in a dream that I still have a vague understanding of.

As previously stated, over every city in America were the hospitals that had been built over them. The dream began with women in labor but as the Father spoke over the loud speakers, the cries ceased. Jezebel began to gather her demonic army, and then I was shown the 5 areas. After this, I was taken to somewhere in the south of the United States. I feel as though I were somewhere around Georgia/Florida. The voice of the Father spoke to me in the dream and said, “The mongoloid will be birthed from the South.” I then witnessed a woman give birth to a mangled and distorted looking infant.

I will offer an interpretation from my time seeking the Lord on this, but I admit that I could be wrong. With that being said, I believe that this mongoloid has to do with Politics and the 2016 election. This mongoloid has to do with the Republican and Democratic party almost being molded together and forming some strange views. I almost sense that it could have something to do with a potential candidate switching sides or one that will rise that will have a conglomeration of beliefs from each party. Either way, the Father showed me that this mongoloid is going to be birthed from the South and could have ties to Georgia or Florida.

After I saw this woman give birth and heard the Father speak, I woke up from this powerful dream.


I want to be clear, America can live again and walk in right relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but this will not take place if they do not give themselves toward taking a stand regarding the 5 key areas mentioned above. The reward of being obedient will be the purposes of God fulfilled in the 2016 elections and America beginning to turn back to God. If the church refuses and folds on these 5 areas, the results will be catastrophic and bring more devastation upon this nation than imaginable. 

Let us pray, seek the face of God, and walk with character and integrity in the days ahead.

In Him,

The Unknown Dreamer,

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah has a very dynamic and unusual ministry because he not only travels nationally and internationally as a prophetic minister , but also planted and is on the eldership team at Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL full time. ( This is a thriving community of believers committed to revival, awakening, and character transformation on a daily basis.