Before I share this dream, many of you will recall that I have not only had several detailed prophetic dreams concerning coming violence in the school system, but I have also published them and they are available in my new book, “”Chronicles of the Unknown Dreamer 2013”.


Last night as I was sleeping, the Holy Spirit said to me, “There is increasing darkness coming to the school systems and the body of Christ is not prepared and carries very little authority concerning this matter.” 

Alarmed as I heard this, I inquired as to why the body of Christ has so little authority to prevent these coming waves of darkness. The Lord immediately took me into a house where  two parents were watching television downstairs. In the upstairs, their children were gathering and playing violent video games and laughing. To make matters worse, I saw different objects in this house that made me believe that this was a Christian home.

The Spirit of God said to me as I saw these children playing the violent video games, “Do you understand how many Christian parents are allowing the minds of their children to be raped and tortured by demonic spirits operating in violent video games? This is ONE of 3 GIANTS that is overtaking the school system. Violent video games in the homes of Christian people are disarming any real authority my people might carry against the coming waves of the darkness.

The dream shifted as I was taken into another home where children were viewing pornography and I saw the spirit of perversion filling their souls. I asked the Spirit in the dream, “Where are the parents?” He said, “In their rooms watching television.”  I was so grieved as I heard this because again, I notice certain scriptures and objects in this home that led me to believe that it was a Christian home. This was the SECOND giant disarming any real authority God’s people might carry against coming waves of darkness.

The dream shifted again as I saw children in a home yelling and screaming at their parents. The Holy Spirit said to me, “Do you understand the lack of respect and chain of command that Christian parents allow in their homes?” This was the THIRD giant disarming any real authority that God’s people might carry.

As the Holy Spirit showed me these 3 GIANTS within Christian homes that are preventing the body of Christ from operating in any real authority against the increasing darkness in the school systems, I began to weep. The Spirit of God said to me, “Christian parents need to wake up! They are breeding a generation of violent and disrespectful perverts and do not even know it. They go to church, some of them even pastor churches, but they have failed to create an environment within their home that fosters spiritual growth for their children. So many of them love to steward my presence at the church building, but do not ever steward my presence within their own home.  I am going to hold them accountable on that great and terrible day for their poor stewardship and neglect of the children that I have given them. You must warn Christian parents and tell them to rid their homes of violent video games, to watch their children’s lives closely that they do not fall into perversion through pornography, and they must demand respect within their homes. This is one of the greatest needs of the hour!”

Then I awoke.

My heart is continually grieved as I receive many dreams like this one. So many parents continue to complain about the lack of God in the school systems when their is a lack of God within their homes. So many “Spirit filled Christians” love to create an atmosphere where the Spirit of God is pleased at church, but He is grieved at their home. Too many parents are watching tv downstairs and disengaged from reality as their children’s minds are being fed lies and filled with demonic torment. The way parents are allowing their children to disrespect them without consequence is grieving the heart of God.

The next time we cry out in pain and anger over the next school shooting, maybe we as Christian parents should look within our own homes to determine what type of atmosphere we have created. God forbid the next school shooter grew up in a “Christian home” and was overtaken by the 3 giants listed above and under “Christian parent supervision.”

It’s time to raise the standard and wake up Christian parents. It’s time to start praying Grandma and Grandpa! We are carrying so little authority in the body of Christ against coming waves of darkness because we have become people of compromise within our homes instead of covenant and our children are going to pay for it.

With sincere grief,

Jeremiah Johnson




Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah has a very dynamic and unusual ministry because he not only travels nationally and internationally as a prophetic minister , but also planted and is on the eldership team at Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL full time. (www.hotfmlakeland.com) This is a thriving community of believers committed to revival, awakening, and character transformation on a daily basis.